Pete Stark’s Unacceptable Behavior and Out-of-Touch Policies

Fortney Pete Stark is quite important to Obama and the other members of Congress. Stark is really, “the last of the 1970s Marxists in American politics,” as opponent Forest Baker puts it.

Stark believes he holds a socialistic high ground amongst colleagues and constituents alike. His position in politics is considered guarded by the establishment.

The ruling elite of America are arrogant, condescending & belittling to We The People of America. Just look at the myriad things Fortney Pete Stark has said and done as a career politician:

  • There was the 1994 subcommittee hearing where Stark suggested that Rep. Nancy L. Johnson, a Connecticut Republican married to a doctor, got most of her healthcare knowledge from “pillow talk.” Thirty-two female House members demanded an apology, which Stark delivered in a sealed envelope; he called Johnson an insurance industry “whore” a year later.
  • In 1999, he said former California welfare administrator Eloise Anderson would “kill children if she had her way.” She said he was “totally out to lunch.”
  • In the summer of 2003, Fortney Pete Stark demanded that a pension reform bill be read WORD FOR WORD to buy time before a House vote. During his attempted filibuster tempers flared. Rep. Scott McInnis of Colorado told Stark to “shut up,” prompting Stark to remark: “You think you are big enough to make me, you little wimp? Come on. Come over here and make me, I dare you. You little fruitcake.”

Not only does Stark belittle the American people (his constituents included) but he shows open contempt for our men and women in uniform.

  • He referred to Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal as a “killer.” (Pete Stark: Ambition vs. A Big Mouth, L.A. Times, Faye Fiore)
  • He called one constituent on the phone and left sneering voice mesage, literally demeaning the intelligence of National Guardsman Dan Dow. Stark goes on to slam his door in the face of media asking him about the message.
  • And yet, despite his continuous demonization of our military, he was only one of two House members to vote in favor of a wartime draft.

He believes that e-verify, a migrant-worker verification system, is unconstitutional. He sneeringly asked a minuteman “who are you gonna kill today” and said that “our borders are quite secure” in one town hall meeting, and then is forced into publically contradicting himself, reluctantly saying, “I support securing the borders” in another.

This August 2010 townhall meeting has become the best and the latest in a hit parade of outbursts, tirades and temper tantrums.

It was like pulling teeth for Stark to admit that we have a national crisis with our international borders.

  • Stark supports an inheritance tax, or “Death Tax” as he calls it, on families’ inheritance money and wealth.
  • Stark supports pre-emptively pulling all of our troops out of Afghanistan and does not take the threat of radical terrorism and global jihad seriously.
  • He blames the Senate for the Houses’ ineffectiveness over the last four years of Democrat control.
  • Stark said, and seriously believes that “the Federal government, yes, can do most anything in this country.”

He angrily swore at a reporter and threatened to throw him out the window after making a completely inane statment that “the larger the national debt, the wealthier we are” and indicated that our debt is an indication of our wealth.

And while the debt is a real threat to our economy, people like Pete Stark just laugh through town hall meetings being arrogant, condescending, and belittling.

If re-elected to office his policies will pummel our suffering economy.

  • In  the midst of a soaring deficit and record national debt, Fortney Pete Stark supports implementing NEW federal taxes that WOULDN’T EVEN GO BACK TO AMERICANS! Rather, the money raised from American’s paychecks would instead be put toward investments in global health and climate change mitigation.
  • Fortney Pete Stark would like to see American’s tax rates INCREASE by not supporting making our current tax cuts permanent. He’d rather let our current tax cuts EXPIRE (which will eventually affect more than the arbitrary “highest 2%” they claim. There are serious trickle-down effects that will be felt in your town, business, and eventually your very own home.)

Fortney Pete Stark has some of the most radical views, and is considered to be the most Progressive of all members in the House of Representatives.,-final-update:-California

Pete Stark’s outspokenness is even too much, for fellow Democrats and he has his own ethics issues to consider. Politico reported that Stark was “extremely belligerent” when interviewed by Office of Congressional Ethics Investigators about in July 2009 about a possible tax issue, even videotaping the interview.” Jake Sherman, Politico, “Pete Stark’s Bizarre Ethics Interview,” March 1, 2010 Jake Sherman, Politico.

Are the people of the East Bay offended by the radical policies and vulgar attitude of the 79 year-old congressman? Its obvious that he is wasting our time and money as an elected official and does not take his job very seriously.

Don’t waste your vote in 2010. A vote for Stark is a vote for more of the same. Are you honestly happy with your current representative and the current climate corruption in Washington?

Don’t bargain for Promised Change this time around. Vote for a Stark Contrast to the ruling class elite mentality. Vote Forest Baker & finally defeat Fortney Pete.

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Forest Baker on the 2010 campaign process

“On August 12th at a private meeting requested by a senior Bay Area Republican I was told that Luis Garcia was anointed by the local GOP hierarchy to be the 2010 Republican Party candidate in CD-13 all the way back during the early Fall of 2009. This man told me he held several private meetings with Garcia.

Everyone in the backrooms of the local party organization had already agreed to this before I entered the race.

It was never that Luis Garcia could actually beat Pete Stark. That was not the point, of course. District 13 was officially not to be in play and the seat was safe for Congressman Stark (again after 38 years). However, Coach Garcia might give the Republicans an appearance of fielding a suitable candidate in demographically diverse Alameda County.

He was already integrated into the Alameda County GOP Central Committee, and a Tea Party group in Fremont was created specifically to get him through the Primary. This all happened about a year ago.

John Guerrero took control of the Fremont Tea Party and has said that his single motivation at that time was to oppose Pete Stark.

John Guerrero was also an Area Manager for the Independence Caucus and he worked under Bob White, the I-Caucus District Director for Northern California. I met Bob White (an impressive guy) at a Winter Wonderland reception for Chuck DeVore on Friday January 15th.

Mr. White boasted that he could put 1,000 campaign workers, from outside the area, on the street inside any District where he had an I-Caucus (endorsed) candidate for Congress. Bob White already knew who I was and he commented that he had not contacted me with the I-Caucus endorsement questionnaire…but he did not say why. I mentioned that I was speaking at John Guerrero’s (Fremont Tea Party) Vet, Select and Elect, Meet the Candidates event the next day in Newark and Bob White immediately told me that this was actually his event and that John Guerrero worked for him. The next day indeed…Bob White was there.

The three candidates for Congress were James Tsakanikas, Luis Garcia and myself.

  • Tsakanikas took ridiculous far right (everything was un-Constitutional) positions.
  • Coach Garcia declared himself to be pro-choice and he talked about seeking consensus rather than promoting his personal leadership credentials.
  • For my part, I met a number of supporters who are still with me today.

A few days later, John Guerrero announced that Luis Garcia had been overwhelmingly chosen as the Tea Party candidate by the Fremont Tea Party and by the TriCity Tea Party Patriots  led by Marla Castagnolo. However, we know now that this entire process was a sham. James Tsakanikas soon joined the Coach2010 team and an attack campaign was launched against me.

Ultimately, and in the last days of the Primary on May 24th one of John Guerrero’s operatives (Rene Guerra) attempted to disrupt a Conservative Forum discussion group I was leading by literally assaulting the Conservative Forum organizer, a woman, in front of 50+ people and insisting that someone should call the police…. This has all been documented thoroughly with several notes back and forth among the Conservative Forum leadership team, by people who were in the room, and by John Guerrero himself defending Rene Guerra’s integrity.

I won the Primary in June. After several disgruntled weeks this summer, Luis Garcia stepped away from the race and resigned from the Alameda County Central Committee (after just being named to it, weeks prior).

John Guerrero’s Coach2010 team and Marla Castagnolo’s TriCity Tea Party Patriots shifted over to support a non-Republican candidate Chris Pareja in his effort to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot as an Independent.

  • Pareja did not get on the ballot.
  • Instead, he’s running a write-in spoiler campaign.

Before Luis Garcia lost our Primary, Pareja had virtually no support. But he now deploys what’s left of the Coach2010 crew.

Marla Castagnolo acts like Pareja has been her candidate all along. However, she was completely against Chris Pareja as an interloper and a spoiler until all hope was lost that Luis Garcia might somehow win with provisional ballots.

Pete Stark and many other entrenched incumbents who the Democrats do not have the resources to protect can be beaten by Republican Party candidates who are qualified to serve in Washington.

The traditional suicide-candidate, taking-one-for-the-team approach wastes our opportunities this year and violates the Constitutional mandate that we should have democratically elected Representatives.

When only the incumbent is electable then democracy is crippled all over America. We must take our democracy and this Republic back into our own hands.”

Forest Baker, 10/12/2010

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Forest Baker: The government is never efficient with what it does.

“The government is never efficient with what it does. Indeed, when in doubt and if they have the money available then they are very much inclined to recklessly throw money at problems. We also do that when we fight a war: we deploy overwhelming force and that approach costs lots of money. There is always too much overhead when any organization (such as the Department of Education) is very large. Therefore, the government should only do those things that we cannot do for ourselves ‘better, faster and cheaper’ than they would.

The idea that we would not educate our kids really well all on our own is simply wrong. Most families everywhere in the world are quite concerned with the good and the future of their children. We did fine with the Catholic parish parochial schools at very low cost per student…up until the 1970’s when the government decided that public education was a good business to get themselves into. Same sort of thing with health care. Those costs went up but the relative quality of service (and measurable outcomes) declined.

Instead of reforming public education or further socializing medicine We the People should start taking those services back into our own hands. A Libertarian approach to American society implies decentralization away from the central government toward a much more Jeffersonian model.”

Forest Baker, Candidate for Congress, 9/18/10

Note: Thomas Jefferson was a member of the Democratic-Republican Party which advocated democracy, with power vested less in a central government than in the states themselves and the people of those states. John Adams and Alexander Hamilton were members of the Federalist Party (opposed by Jefferson) which supported a strong central government with a powerful chief-executive.

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Vote Forest Baker for Congress on Nov. 2, 2010

Will the 2010 midterm elections represent the most definitive rejection of progressivism in recent American history?

Only 20% of Americans identify as liberal or progressive, according to a Gallup poll from a few months ago, compared with 42% who call themselves conservative.

This is also true of the citizens of CD-13: …Many of the Decline to State, Independent, and Democrat voters we have spoken with are inherently conservative … and they are motivated to vote.

And we’re speaking with many people from diverse backgrounds every day.

Most of the people we speak with believe their representative does not have their best interests at heart.

After years of control, the entrenched incumbents like Congressman Stark – who have legislated our economy into oblivion with progressive policies – may well finally lose control of the Congress, and our county can be governed with more accurate representation once again.

Bay Area residents, Californians, and a majority of Americans are fed up with the entitled-elitist-hypocrite culture.

2010 stands to be an historic year for Americans to reclaim our prosperity and begin to play from our strengths of personal freedom, individual liberty, national security and shared destiny.

Alameda, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Union City, Newark, Fremont, Pleasanton, Sunol you have role to play this year: Vote Forest Baker for Congress on Nov. 2, 2010

“Of course, we are mostly conservatives. Conservativism implies that we build on the strength of what we’ve already achieved. Always. We never give anything back except the freedom of their own nation to the people we are forced to invade…. Only a fool would suggest that we tear down the greatest sovereign nation the world has ever known, that we accept stasis for the most robust (financial capitalistic) economy in the global arena today or that we should ever change the nature of our nation of immigrants… perpetual cultural improvement… the fundamentals that got us here. Anyone who doesn’t want to be an American on these terms… then Canada is only a short drive away. Love it or Leave it…as we used to say. You unhappy Americans will make great Canadians. Or move to France. They hate everything over there. Those of you who want to be in the United States, however, stop looking to the central government to solve your problems or to service your responsibilities. Elect politicians who know how to make you free. You want a disfunctional government and more socialism? Then there’s lots of places in the world just like that and you don’t need to be here. Mexico has a government that is completely out of control and Canada seems nice but they better just hope the price of oil stays up or they won’t be able to cover their promises either.”
Forest Baker – Candidate for Congress, 9/12/10
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Forest Baker calls for “Rally Against Political Racism” on 9/25

Union City, Calif. — Sept. 15, 2010 – In an effort to focus attention on solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems, Republican candidate for congress Forest Baker is organizing a “Rally Against Political Racism” on Saturday, September 25, 2010 in Union City, CA to condemn racism and religious intolerance within modern politics – amongst both parties. 

“Our greatest complaint about politicians might be that they often seem to do the wrong things for short-term political gains. They provide inappropriate access to the halls of power for those who contribute to their reelection campaigns. They obstruct the legislative process in order to resist the reasonable agenda of the other party, and they pander to their more radical constituents in order to motivate core voters to turn out in large numbers,” Baker said. “During the last two months of the 2010 mid-term election such politically expedient misbehavior has engendered particularly ugly conversations where both parties are urging their voters to consider racism and religious intolerance as legitimate topics for discussion.” 

Baker would like to re-focus the local and national conversation away from race (the Arizona immigration law) and religion (the controversial mosque near Ground Zero), and towards permanently fixing our sputtering economy and winning the war in Afghanistan. 

“We should be talking about the economy, but just like in 1978 (President Carter’s mid-term) neither side has any good ideas about what to do next.  We should be talking about the War in Afghanistan that is being prosecuted by this President in such a manner that it can never be brought to a successful conclusion, and our Commander in Chief cannot back down after he has escalated this war himself (see Nixon regarding Vietnam), without bringing defeat on the United States at the hands of a few hundred Al Qaeda and the Taliban we crushed in only a few days, 9 years ago,” Baker said. “We should be talking about the further appropriation of our health, education and welfare prerogatives (as social entitlements) in a nation wealthy enough that we should not need the government to provide such services for most of us … with money the government clearly does not have.” 

Baker has produced flyers for the event in English and Spanish. Baker has even invited his opponent, incumbent Congressman Pete Stark, to join him in decrying the race-baiters amongst our political class:  

“Last month I spoke with (Stark) about joining with me in a public declaration of protest regarding political intolerance. I welcome his participation and urge Pete to support all of us here in Congressional District 13 as we direct the conversation back toward appropriate political issues and as we decry the politics-as-usual games that corrupt our basic freedoms. We should all want to talk about how best to make this Great Nation stronger, rather than to stand idly by as our politicians invite self-destruction,” Baker said. 

Baker is available to comment further on his 9/25 rally, and invites all members of the media to attend the event. 

Here are the details for the event: 

Who: Everyone is invited! Bring your friends and family to meet and talk with the candidate 

What: Rally Against Political Racism 

When: 11am-3pm, Saturday, September 25, 2010 

Where: The corner of Decoto Road and Alvarado-Niles Blvd. in Union City, CA 

Why: To stand up against the politics as usual and race-baiting coming from both sides of the aisle 


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Forest Baker on the San Leandro Marina and Federal Funds for the East Bay

The latest plans for the San Leandro Marina call for a wide promenade, a 250,000-square-foot office campus, a 200 room hotel with 15,000 square-foot conference center, a two-story retail center, three-story parking garage, new restaurants, and over 100 units of housing. But things cn change. The city doesn’t have the f…unds to continue to dredge for boat access, but Forest Baker says that federal funds should be used to pay for dredging should the people of San Leandro and Mulford Gardens approve such a project when he is elected to Congress.

“Until 2001 the Army Corps of Engineers kept the San Leandro Marina dredged (necessary every five years) and this vital part of our business community was robust and vibrant. After nearly ten years of silting up without this reasonably expec…ted government service and especially during the last three years as tax revenues declined severely the City could not pick up the $5 million bill with a (current) $78 million budget and a $2 million shortfall. The Marina had become all but useless and business activity in that part of San Leandro collapsed…taking tax revenues down with it. Barbara Lee got Oakland over $80 million of Stimulus money and Mike Honda got San Jose nearly $60. Dianne Feinstein gave San Leandro $0.5 million, Pete Stark delivered $1.16 million and another $1 million was Stimulus funding. Only half what Mayor Santos needed…just for this year…allowing him to partially reopen the Marina. All the cities of CD-13 got short-changed while this President absolutely threw money at the GDP measurement all over America to artificially hold that number up. If ever there was a shovel-ready, absolutely essential project that the Federal government has a very real responsibility to undertake…it was then and it remains today the maintenance of the San Leandro Marina waterway. Congressman Stark is simply not delivering back to the people of District 13 our fair share of the Federal taxes we send to Washington. This is our money they are wasting somewhere else. Let someone else bail out Detroit while those politicians allow Toyota to pillage NUMMI, putting 20,000 of us out of our good, honest jobs and while our leaders only talk about creating new jobs. Talk is cheap in Washington. But we pay a high price for it anyway.”
-Forest Baker 9/9/10
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Immigration: Stop the trafficking, defeat the cartels

The Problem:
“There’s a civil war taking place in Mexico as ex-military personnel have organized themselves into private armies far superior to the traditional criminal cartels and they have taken on the Mexican government directly. They’ve exhausted their opportunities selling us all the drugs we can buy and have expanded into people-trafficing into the United States too. It is our very real business demand for such low-paid direct labor workers here in this economy that drives that supply chain adding people to the ranks of our working poor. If they were only refugees from a failed nation coming here to survive on our charity…then we already know what that looks like all over the world. This is more like the undocumented workers we see in Europe and parts of Asia…and that is mostly what it is with our illegal immigrants. Really. But this drug business is something else. We need to get the drugs out of our schools because that’s where it starts. We need to get the drugs out of our neighborhoods. We need to get all this drug money out of our cash-economy because it corrupts law-enforcemnt, overwhelms the courtrooms and fills up our prisons. One-hundred-fifty pounds of a worker who is here to mow your lawn is not our problem. It’s that one-hundred-fifty pound load of cocaine that is killing us…isn’t it? Let’s secure our borders and get serious about the drugs. If we simply can’t do that then our priorities are self-defeating and we’re certainly kidding ourselves about what the problem is …”
The Situation:
“There are highly regarded, international bonding agencies in all foreign markets who can inspect and certify during the loading process that everything inside a container or truck that will enter the United States at any port or border crossing is absolutely what the Bill of Lading says it is. Period. We cannot inspect everything on the docks, of course, or at the border gates because those loads would all need to be completely torn down and re-packed. Such pre-clearance Customs inspections were routine some years ago with goods being shipped into the Philippines, for example. The expense and delay at the point of origin was very modest. I know because I worked with that system. With current technology, a unique certified inspection GPS locator could be built into the shipment to verify that each sealed container or truck is precisely what we think it is. Anything wrong and the load is held for 100% inspection at the shipper’s expense. This is cheap and easy to do, America. Show the world we are serious about our border security and the world will take notice of that. As it is…they laugh in our face.”
The Solution:
“Laws are not very meaningful (as a suggestion to people who make their money breaking laws) if there is no mechanism to enforce such rules. When the bad guys know we cannot 100% (or even 10%) inspect carloads of drugs, contraband (or people) at the border because the volume of traffic makes this impossible, then they play the numbers that most of their lawbreaking will get past us. I’m suggesting a mechanism, that has been proved to work in places like the Philippines and that would essentially eliminate large-scale smuggling across our borders. The 80:20 rule applies. Once we have that bulk flow under control then we can focus on the much harder job of stopping one man a time on foot. If there are no drugs to distribute then the wholesale criminal personnel would not be coming over here to set up shop, for example, and that is the largest part of this problem. The government has libraries full of laws that are not enforced or even enforceable with the resources they underwrite. It’s politics as usual, at our expense and the problems only get worse. Elect better politicians.”
-Forest Baker, 8/28/10
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