Forest Baker > Fortney Pete Stark

Reckless. Out of control. Unnecessary. Unhelpful. These words have all been recently used to accurately describe the runaway spending of our federal government. Today however, these collective words have a dual meaning: They represent the statements and actions of the East Bay’s 38-year incumbent candidate Fortney “Pete” Stark.

Sneering at and showing open contempt for concerned citizens asking about secure borders is just wrong.
Elected officials who are incapable of serious or empathetic governance have no place in American politics.
No matter what your feelings or emotive opinions are on the situation, it is unfathomable to think that anyone would want to support the repression of free and honest speech.

He’s acted this way for literally decades and some of his constituents actually enjoy his combative, vulgar attitude.

As we head into November, and Stark approaches his 79th birthday, all constituents in the East Bay – REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, INDEPENDENT & Otherwise – must make a serious realization that our current “representative” does not accurately or sufficiently represent us.

It’s not about left vs. right – it’s about Right vs. Wrong.

Politics as usual have changed in our digitally-connected 21st Century, giving the voters an unparalleled ability to make their voices heard and their votes felt. When our seemingly-detached incumbent candidate is unable to address simple concerns, then we must nominate candidates who are absolutely qualified to do a better job in Congress and elect them to office as more accurate representatives.

As the Founding Fathers intended and as the Constitution defines, every member of the House of Representatives should be seriously challenged for his or her congressional seat every two years.

Unfortunately, making a career out of progressive politicking and living in permanent campaign mode has become the norm.

The November 2010 mid-term election is just as important as any election ever, and voters of Alameda, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Dublin, Pleasanton, Union City, Sunol, Newark, and Fremont finally have a viable opposition candidate who can go to Washington and serve in Congress from day one.

Forest Baker’s lifetime of work as a global capitalist trumps Stark’s lifetime of work as a career politician.

In 2010, and looking beyond, it is apparent that Forest is stronger and absolutely more qualified than Fortney to serve as our representative in Washington.

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