Bay Area! Vote Forest Baker 4 Congress

Empowering Americans 

Health, Education and Welfare should be re-privatized into the hands of civilian entities rather than to be further integrated into the government as public, social entitlements. 

The practice of government should be decentralized into the smallest possible, local units of American society rather than to be further consolidated into the hands of Washington bureaucrats. 

The practice of banking should be downsized into the smallest possible, private entities serving local communities of households operating in a common economic arena. 

The practice of capitalism should be enabled from the bottom up in such a manner that profitable business opportunities that have been outsourced to foreign economies are recaptured by domestic entities so that the wealth and jobs created are recovered over here to increase the American GDP. Our goal should be a return to the 4.5% average annual growth rates we enjoyed prior to 1970. 

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