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Forest Baker on the current political leadership

If the economy falls into stasis and we Republicans don’t have a plan to transition our practice of capitalism into something decentralized, more libertarian and something that actually works better (like we did in 1980 with Reaganomics), then the Democrats think we default deeper into socialism, with more government control of essential services (like health, education and welfare) and higher taxes to underwrite such entitlements … but only if capitalism has failed, that is. Continue reading

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Forest Baker: On having a “Spartan” campaign website

The time for pretty campaign websites and lofty speeches is over. That’s my point, Kevin. I don’t need any more money than I have already to apply for this job that I am completely qualified to do. Continue reading

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Forest Baker on the Media and Bay Area Politics …

The Tea Party Independent trying to get on the ballot and the Republican candidate I beat in the Primary who is supporting that Independent now…they are both Pro-Choice liberals with documented connections to the Henry George (Socialist) School in San Francisco. Continue reading

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