Forest Baker: On having a “Spartan” campaign website

“My campaign website looks like a resume on purpose. I’m applying for this job (to represent YOU).
On the Facebook page you all get to interview me: Ask me what I think and what I want to do in Washington. We’ll talk about it. I see no reason to preach at you. And this is not a lesson where you’re supposed to read some abstract philosophy of government or cultural platitudes argued from this extreme or that.
We have priests and lawyers for that.
And a President of the United States who does nothing but give campaign speeches just as if that was what we hired him to do two years ago (whether you voted for Obama or not).
We need to get down to business, with a plan to fix this thing and some people in Congress who know how to execute tasks.
My Tea Party endorsed opponent in the Primary imagined he had me beaten because my campaign web site seems plain. (The site has Spartan look and feel for a reason).  And then we went out and quietly got the votes. 
The time for pretty campaign websites and lofty speeches is over. That’s my point: I don’t need any more money than I have already to apply for this job that I am completely qualified to do.
I am not interested in being packaged or marketed. I am not a Hollywood actor and this is not a television movie.
I’m a grizzled old capitalist and I understand what’s wrong with this economy.”
Forest Baker 8/04/10
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