Forest Baker on the current political leadership

“Congressman Stark is a Marxist. The last of the 1960’s far left radicals. He makes John Kerry look good. Pete Stark takes the problems we’re having very seriousl …  He’s been hoping for this moment, while he’s still in office and on his watch. Insofar as this economy falls into stasis and we Republicans don’t have a plan to transition our practice of capitalism into something decentralized, more libertarian and something that actually works better (like we did in 1980 with Reaganomics), then the Democrats think we default deeper into socialism, with more government control of essential services (like health, education and welfare) and higher taxes to underwrite such entitlements … but only if capitalism has failed, that is. Pete Stark and Barack Obama sincerely believe in their socialist ideologies because they clearly don’t understand the mechanisms of financial capitalism. Their errors are sophomoric. New-kid-just-out-of-school mistakes. (Bless their frustrated, confused, innocent hearts.)”
-Forest Baker, 8/3/10
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