Forest Baker on the Media and Bay Area Politics …

“Fox News is aware of me, of course. It is a little complicated for them because this Congressional District is not supposed to be in play. They know how to be rough on an incumbent and they can patronize a protest candidate with no chance to win. But someone actually qualified to be a Congressman, nominated by the opposition party (but not really supported by the party hierarchy) inside a “safe” District…that’s trickier and it doesn’t happen enough that they have a page in the playbook for this. I won’t pander to the single-issue PACs to carry someone’s banner (held high recklessly) into the breach. It’s a problem for the party that I am so very conservative but it looks like I could win anyway in a District with only 16.7% registered Republicans. How can it be that 83% of our constituents are not registered as Republicans yet they are conservative enough to see me as their Congressman? The Tea Party Independent trying to get on the ballot and the Republican candidate I beat in the Primary who is supporting that Independent now…they are both Pro-Choice liberals with documented connections to the Henry George (Socialist) School in San Francisco. The Bay Area is funny sometimes. It’s complicated out here.
-Forest Baker, 8/4/2010
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