Forest Baker on Voters’ Trust of Congress

Incumbent members of Congress don’t exactly get a vote of confidence from their constituents according to Scott Rasmussen Reports: Just 27% of voters think their representative in Congress is the best possible person for the job, down six points from November of last year. Only 37% believe their local congressional rep…resentative deserves reelection, compared to 42% who felt that way way last fall. Sixty percent (60%) of voters say most members of Congress don’t care what their constituents think. Most voters continue to believe it would be better for the country if the majority of Congress is thrown out this November.
This is definitely true in CA-13 where a much more qualified and dignified candidate Forest Baker stands to unseat the out-of-touch incumbent Fortney ‘Pete’ Stark.

That 27% is the hard-core on the left or on the right that always votes straight line Democrat or Republican. Of course, they’re happy. But the mainstream voters from the incumbent’s own party, the moderate swing-voters who decide a fair …election (when there is a qualified opposition party candidate) and everyone registered in the other camp are unhappy because they are mostly stuck with the incompetent devil they know. This situation does not give us much democracy here in America, we end up with a weak Congress that does not read or write our laws and the two parties happily share control the US government…according to their agenda and at our expense.”
-Forest Baker, 8/26/10

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