Immigration: Stop the trafficking, defeat the cartels

The Problem:
“There’s a civil war taking place in Mexico as ex-military personnel have organized themselves into private armies far superior to the traditional criminal cartels and they have taken on the Mexican government directly. They’ve exhausted their opportunities selling us all the drugs we can buy and have expanded into people-trafficing into the United States too. It is our very real business demand for such low-paid direct labor workers here in this economy that drives that supply chain adding people to the ranks of our working poor. If they were only refugees from a failed nation coming here to survive on our charity…then we already know what that looks like all over the world. This is more like the undocumented workers we see in Europe and parts of Asia…and that is mostly what it is with our illegal immigrants. Really. But this drug business is something else. We need to get the drugs out of our schools because that’s where it starts. We need to get the drugs out of our neighborhoods. We need to get all this drug money out of our cash-economy because it corrupts law-enforcemnt, overwhelms the courtrooms and fills up our prisons. One-hundred-fifty pounds of a worker who is here to mow your lawn is not our problem. It’s that one-hundred-fifty pound load of cocaine that is killing us…isn’t it? Let’s secure our borders and get serious about the drugs. If we simply can’t do that then our priorities are self-defeating and we’re certainly kidding ourselves about what the problem is …”
The Situation:
“There are highly regarded, international bonding agencies in all foreign markets who can inspect and certify during the loading process that everything inside a container or truck that will enter the United States at any port or border crossing is absolutely what the Bill of Lading says it is. Period. We cannot inspect everything on the docks, of course, or at the border gates because those loads would all need to be completely torn down and re-packed. Such pre-clearance Customs inspections were routine some years ago with goods being shipped into the Philippines, for example. The expense and delay at the point of origin was very modest. I know because I worked with that system. With current technology, a unique certified inspection GPS locator could be built into the shipment to verify that each sealed container or truck is precisely what we think it is. Anything wrong and the load is held for 100% inspection at the shipper’s expense. This is cheap and easy to do, America. Show the world we are serious about our border security and the world will take notice of that. As it is…they laugh in our face.”
The Solution:
“Laws are not very meaningful (as a suggestion to people who make their money breaking laws) if there is no mechanism to enforce such rules. When the bad guys know we cannot 100% (or even 10%) inspect carloads of drugs, contraband (or people) at the border because the volume of traffic makes this impossible, then they play the numbers that most of their lawbreaking will get past us. I’m suggesting a mechanism, that has been proved to work in places like the Philippines and that would essentially eliminate large-scale smuggling across our borders. The 80:20 rule applies. Once we have that bulk flow under control then we can focus on the much harder job of stopping one man a time on foot. If there are no drugs to distribute then the wholesale criminal personnel would not be coming over here to set up shop, for example, and that is the largest part of this problem. The government has libraries full of laws that are not enforced or even enforceable with the resources they underwrite. It’s politics as usual, at our expense and the problems only get worse. Elect better politicians.”
-Forest Baker, 8/28/10
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