Forest Baker on the San Leandro Marina and Federal Funds for the East Bay

The latest plans for the San Leandro Marina call for a wide promenade, a 250,000-square-foot office campus, a 200 room hotel with 15,000 square-foot conference center, a two-story retail center, three-story parking garage, new restaurants, and over 100 units of housing. But things cn change. The city doesn’t have the f…unds to continue to dredge for boat access, but Forest Baker says that federal funds should be used to pay for dredging should the people of San Leandro and Mulford Gardens approve such a project when he is elected to Congress.

“Until 2001 the Army Corps of Engineers kept the San Leandro Marina dredged (necessary every five years) and this vital part of our business community was robust and vibrant. After nearly ten years of silting up without this reasonably expec…ted government service and especially during the last three years as tax revenues declined severely the City could not pick up the $5 million bill with a (current) $78 million budget and a $2 million shortfall. The Marina had become all but useless and business activity in that part of San Leandro collapsed…taking tax revenues down with it. Barbara Lee got Oakland over $80 million of Stimulus money and Mike Honda got San Jose nearly $60. Dianne Feinstein gave San Leandro $0.5 million, Pete Stark delivered $1.16 million and another $1 million was Stimulus funding. Only half what Mayor Santos needed…just for this year…allowing him to partially reopen the Marina. All the cities of CD-13 got short-changed while this President absolutely threw money at the GDP measurement all over America to artificially hold that number up. If ever there was a shovel-ready, absolutely essential project that the Federal government has a very real responsibility to undertake…it was then and it remains today the maintenance of the San Leandro Marina waterway. Congressman Stark is simply not delivering back to the people of District 13 our fair share of the Federal taxes we send to Washington. This is our money they are wasting somewhere else. Let someone else bail out Detroit while those politicians allow Toyota to pillage NUMMI, putting 20,000 of us out of our good, honest jobs and while our leaders only talk about creating new jobs. Talk is cheap in Washington. But we pay a high price for it anyway.”
-Forest Baker 9/9/10
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