Forest Baker calls for “Rally Against Political Racism” on 9/25

Union City, Calif. — Sept. 15, 2010 – In an effort to focus attention on solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems, Republican candidate for congress Forest Baker is organizing a “Rally Against Political Racism” on Saturday, September 25, 2010 in Union City, CA to condemn racism and religious intolerance within modern politics – amongst both parties. 

“Our greatest complaint about politicians might be that they often seem to do the wrong things for short-term political gains. They provide inappropriate access to the halls of power for those who contribute to their reelection campaigns. They obstruct the legislative process in order to resist the reasonable agenda of the other party, and they pander to their more radical constituents in order to motivate core voters to turn out in large numbers,” Baker said. “During the last two months of the 2010 mid-term election such politically expedient misbehavior has engendered particularly ugly conversations where both parties are urging their voters to consider racism and religious intolerance as legitimate topics for discussion.” 

Baker would like to re-focus the local and national conversation away from race (the Arizona immigration law) and religion (the controversial mosque near Ground Zero), and towards permanently fixing our sputtering economy and winning the war in Afghanistan. 

“We should be talking about the economy, but just like in 1978 (President Carter’s mid-term) neither side has any good ideas about what to do next.  We should be talking about the War in Afghanistan that is being prosecuted by this President in such a manner that it can never be brought to a successful conclusion, and our Commander in Chief cannot back down after he has escalated this war himself (see Nixon regarding Vietnam), without bringing defeat on the United States at the hands of a few hundred Al Qaeda and the Taliban we crushed in only a few days, 9 years ago,” Baker said. “We should be talking about the further appropriation of our health, education and welfare prerogatives (as social entitlements) in a nation wealthy enough that we should not need the government to provide such services for most of us … with money the government clearly does not have.” 

Baker has produced flyers for the event in English and Spanish. Baker has even invited his opponent, incumbent Congressman Pete Stark, to join him in decrying the race-baiters amongst our political class:  

“Last month I spoke with (Stark) about joining with me in a public declaration of protest regarding political intolerance. I welcome his participation and urge Pete to support all of us here in Congressional District 13 as we direct the conversation back toward appropriate political issues and as we decry the politics-as-usual games that corrupt our basic freedoms. We should all want to talk about how best to make this Great Nation stronger, rather than to stand idly by as our politicians invite self-destruction,” Baker said. 

Baker is available to comment further on his 9/25 rally, and invites all members of the media to attend the event. 

Here are the details for the event: 

Who: Everyone is invited! Bring your friends and family to meet and talk with the candidate 

What: Rally Against Political Racism 

When: 11am-3pm, Saturday, September 25, 2010 

Where: The corner of Decoto Road and Alvarado-Niles Blvd. in Union City, CA 

Why: To stand up against the politics as usual and race-baiting coming from both sides of the aisle 


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