Forest Baker: The government is never efficient with what it does.

“The government is never efficient with what it does. Indeed, when in doubt and if they have the money available then they are very much inclined to recklessly throw money at problems. We also do that when we fight a war: we deploy overwhelming force and that approach costs lots of money. There is always too much overhead when any organization (such as the Department of Education) is very large. Therefore, the government should only do those things that we cannot do for ourselves ‘better, faster and cheaper’ than they would.

The idea that we would not educate our kids really well all on our own is simply wrong. Most families everywhere in the world are quite concerned with the good and the future of their children. We did fine with the Catholic parish parochial schools at very low cost per student…up until the 1970’s when the government decided that public education was a good business to get themselves into. Same sort of thing with health care. Those costs went up but the relative quality of service (and measurable outcomes) declined.

Instead of reforming public education or further socializing medicine We the People should start taking those services back into our own hands. A Libertarian approach to American society implies decentralization away from the central government toward a much more Jeffersonian model.”

Forest Baker, Candidate for Congress, 9/18/10

Note: Thomas Jefferson was a member of the Democratic-Republican Party which advocated democracy, with power vested less in a central government than in the states themselves and the people of those states. John Adams and Alexander Hamilton were members of the Federalist Party (opposed by Jefferson) which supported a strong central government with a powerful chief-executive.

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