Vote Forest Baker for Congress on Nov. 2, 2010

Will the 2010 midterm elections represent the most definitive rejection of progressivism in recent American history?

Only 20% of Americans identify as liberal or progressive, according to a Gallup poll from a few months ago, compared with 42% who call themselves conservative.

This is also true of the citizens of CD-13: …Many of the Decline to State, Independent, and Democrat voters we have spoken with are inherently conservative … and they are motivated to vote.

And we’re speaking with many people from diverse backgrounds every day.

Most of the people we speak with believe their representative does not have their best interests at heart.

After years of control, the entrenched incumbents like Congressman Stark – who have legislated our economy into oblivion with progressive policies – may well finally lose control of the Congress, and our county can be governed with more accurate representation once again.

Bay Area residents, Californians, and a majority of Americans are fed up with the entitled-elitist-hypocrite culture.

2010 stands to be an historic year for Americans to reclaim our prosperity and begin to play from our strengths of personal freedom, individual liberty, national security and shared destiny.

Alameda, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Union City, Newark, Fremont, Pleasanton, Sunol you have role to play this year: Vote Forest Baker for Congress on Nov. 2, 2010

“Of course, we are mostly conservatives. Conservativism implies that we build on the strength of what we’ve already achieved. Always. We never give anything back except the freedom of their own nation to the people we are forced to invade…. Only a fool would suggest that we tear down the greatest sovereign nation the world has ever known, that we accept stasis for the most robust (financial capitalistic) economy in the global arena today or that we should ever change the nature of our nation of immigrants… perpetual cultural improvement… the fundamentals that got us here. Anyone who doesn’t want to be an American on these terms… then Canada is only a short drive away. Love it or Leave it…as we used to say. You unhappy Americans will make great Canadians. Or move to France. They hate everything over there. Those of you who want to be in the United States, however, stop looking to the central government to solve your problems or to service your responsibilities. Elect politicians who know how to make you free. You want a disfunctional government and more socialism? Then there’s lots of places in the world just like that and you don’t need to be here. Mexico has a government that is completely out of control and Canada seems nice but they better just hope the price of oil stays up or they won’t be able to cover their promises either.”
Forest Baker – Candidate for Congress, 9/12/10
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