Forest Baker on the 2010 campaign process

“On August 12th at a private meeting requested by a senior Bay Area Republican I was told that Luis Garcia was anointed by the local GOP hierarchy to be the 2010 Republican Party candidate in CD-13 all the way back during the early Fall of 2009. This man told me he held several private meetings with Garcia.

Everyone in the backrooms of the local party organization had already agreed to this before I entered the race.

It was never that Luis Garcia could actually beat Pete Stark. That was not the point, of course. District 13 was officially not to be in play and the seat was safe for Congressman Stark (again after 38 years). However, Coach Garcia might give the Republicans an appearance of fielding a suitable candidate in demographically diverse Alameda County.

He was already integrated into the Alameda County GOP Central Committee, and a Tea Party group in Fremont was created specifically to get him through the Primary. This all happened about a year ago.

John Guerrero took control of the Fremont Tea Party and has said that his single motivation at that time was to oppose Pete Stark.

John Guerrero was also an Area Manager for the Independence Caucus and he worked under Bob White, the I-Caucus District Director for Northern California. I met Bob White (an impressive guy) at a Winter Wonderland reception for Chuck DeVore on Friday January 15th.

Mr. White boasted that he could put 1,000 campaign workers, from outside the area, on the street inside any District where he had an I-Caucus (endorsed) candidate for Congress. Bob White already knew who I was and he commented that he had not contacted me with the I-Caucus endorsement questionnaire…but he did not say why. I mentioned that I was speaking at John Guerrero’s (Fremont Tea Party) Vet, Select and Elect, Meet the Candidates event the next day in Newark and Bob White immediately told me that this was actually his event and that John Guerrero worked for him. The next day indeed…Bob White was there.

The three candidates for Congress were James Tsakanikas, Luis Garcia and myself.

  • Tsakanikas took ridiculous far right (everything was un-Constitutional) positions.
  • Coach Garcia declared himself to be pro-choice and he talked about seeking consensus rather than promoting his personal leadership credentials.
  • For my part, I met a number of supporters who are still with me today.

A few days later, John Guerrero announced that Luis Garcia had been overwhelmingly chosen as the Tea Party candidate by the Fremont Tea Party and by the TriCity Tea Party Patriots  led by Marla Castagnolo. However, we know now that this entire process was a sham. James Tsakanikas soon joined the Coach2010 team and an attack campaign was launched against me.

Ultimately, and in the last days of the Primary on May 24th one of John Guerrero’s operatives (Rene Guerra) attempted to disrupt a Conservative Forum discussion group I was leading by literally assaulting the Conservative Forum organizer, a woman, in front of 50+ people and insisting that someone should call the police…. This has all been documented thoroughly with several notes back and forth among the Conservative Forum leadership team, by people who were in the room, and by John Guerrero himself defending Rene Guerra’s integrity.

I won the Primary in June. After several disgruntled weeks this summer, Luis Garcia stepped away from the race and resigned from the Alameda County Central Committee (after just being named to it, weeks prior).

John Guerrero’s Coach2010 team and Marla Castagnolo’s TriCity Tea Party Patriots shifted over to support a non-Republican candidate Chris Pareja in his effort to collect enough signatures to get on the ballot as an Independent.

  • Pareja did not get on the ballot.
  • Instead, he’s running a write-in spoiler campaign.

Before Luis Garcia lost our Primary, Pareja had virtually no support. But he now deploys what’s left of the Coach2010 crew.

Marla Castagnolo acts like Pareja has been her candidate all along. However, she was completely against Chris Pareja as an interloper and a spoiler until all hope was lost that Luis Garcia might somehow win with provisional ballots.

Pete Stark and many other entrenched incumbents who the Democrats do not have the resources to protect can be beaten by Republican Party candidates who are qualified to serve in Washington.

The traditional suicide-candidate, taking-one-for-the-team approach wastes our opportunities this year and violates the Constitutional mandate that we should have democratically elected Representatives.

When only the incumbent is electable then democracy is crippled all over America. We must take our democracy and this Republic back into our own hands.”

Forest Baker, 10/12/2010

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