Pete Stark’s Unacceptable Behavior and Out-of-Touch Policies

Fortney Pete Stark is quite important to Obama and the other members of Congress. Stark is really, “the last of the 1970s Marxists in American politics,” as opponent Forest Baker puts it.

Stark believes he holds a socialistic high ground amongst colleagues and constituents alike. His position in politics is considered guarded by the establishment.

The ruling elite of America are arrogant, condescending & belittling to We The People of America. Just look at the myriad things Fortney Pete Stark has said and done as a career politician:

  • There was the 1994 subcommittee hearing where Stark suggested that Rep. Nancy L. Johnson, a Connecticut Republican married to a doctor, got most of her healthcare knowledge from “pillow talk.” Thirty-two female House members demanded an apology, which Stark delivered in a sealed envelope; he called Johnson an insurance industry “whore” a year later.
  • In 1999, he said former California welfare administrator Eloise Anderson would “kill children if she had her way.” She said he was “totally out to lunch.”
  • In the summer of 2003, Fortney Pete Stark demanded that a pension reform bill be read WORD FOR WORD to buy time before a House vote. During his attempted filibuster tempers flared. Rep. Scott McInnis of Colorado told Stark to “shut up,” prompting Stark to remark: “You think you are big enough to make me, you little wimp? Come on. Come over here and make me, I dare you. You little fruitcake.”

Not only does Stark belittle the American people (his constituents included) but he shows open contempt for our men and women in uniform.

  • He referred to Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal as a “killer.” (Pete Stark: Ambition vs. A Big Mouth, L.A. Times, Faye Fiore)
  • He called one constituent on the phone and left sneering voice mesage, literally demeaning the intelligence of National Guardsman Dan Dow. Stark goes on to slam his door in the face of media asking him about the message.
  • And yet, despite his continuous demonization of our military, he was only one of two House members to vote in favor of a wartime draft.

He believes that e-verify, a migrant-worker verification system, is unconstitutional. He sneeringly asked a minuteman “who are you gonna kill today” and said that “our borders are quite secure” in one town hall meeting, and then is forced into publically contradicting himself, reluctantly saying, “I support securing the borders” in another.

This August 2010 townhall meeting has become the best and the latest in a hit parade of outbursts, tirades and temper tantrums.

It was like pulling teeth for Stark to admit that we have a national crisis with our international borders.

  • Stark supports an inheritance tax, or “Death Tax” as he calls it, on families’ inheritance money and wealth.
  • Stark supports pre-emptively pulling all of our troops out of Afghanistan and does not take the threat of radical terrorism and global jihad seriously.
  • He blames the Senate for the Houses’ ineffectiveness over the last four years of Democrat control.
  • Stark said, and seriously believes that “the Federal government, yes, can do most anything in this country.”

He angrily swore at a reporter and threatened to throw him out the window after making a completely inane statment that “the larger the national debt, the wealthier we are” and indicated that our debt is an indication of our wealth.

And while the debt is a real threat to our economy, people like Pete Stark just laugh through town hall meetings being arrogant, condescending, and belittling.

If re-elected to office his policies will pummel our suffering economy.

  • In  the midst of a soaring deficit and record national debt, Fortney Pete Stark supports implementing NEW federal taxes that WOULDN’T EVEN GO BACK TO AMERICANS! Rather, the money raised from American’s paychecks would instead be put toward investments in global health and climate change mitigation.
  • Fortney Pete Stark would like to see American’s tax rates INCREASE by not supporting making our current tax cuts permanent. He’d rather let our current tax cuts EXPIRE (which will eventually affect more than the arbitrary “highest 2%” they claim. There are serious trickle-down effects that will be felt in your town, business, and eventually your very own home.)

Fortney Pete Stark has some of the most radical views, and is considered to be the most Progressive of all members in the House of Representatives.,-final-update:-California

Pete Stark’s outspokenness is even too much, for fellow Democrats and he has his own ethics issues to consider. Politico reported that Stark was “extremely belligerent” when interviewed by Office of Congressional Ethics Investigators about in July 2009 about a possible tax issue, even videotaping the interview.” Jake Sherman, Politico, “Pete Stark’s Bizarre Ethics Interview,” March 1, 2010 Jake Sherman, Politico.

Are the people of the East Bay offended by the radical policies and vulgar attitude of the 79 year-old congressman? Its obvious that he is wasting our time and money as an elected official and does not take his job very seriously.

Don’t waste your vote in 2010. A vote for Stark is a vote for more of the same. Are you honestly happy with your current representative and the current climate corruption in Washington?

Don’t bargain for Promised Change this time around. Vote for a Stark Contrast to the ruling class elite mentality. Vote Forest Baker & finally defeat Fortney Pete.

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