Campaign Corner

A return of the power of government to the People as defined by the Democracy of our Constitutional Republic. 

We have a number of straightforward, solvable problems that (once solved) constitute an opportunity to rapidly and fundamentally change the course of America and get us back on track. 

There are a number of areas where we could be doing much better, including Health, Education, and Welfare.  The problem is that we do not seem to know what to do to bring this about. 

A rising tide of involved citizens who will purposefully disrupt their day-to-day lives to insist that the government must deliver our inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and Property. We are not threatening revolution.  Creative Destruction within a society that is essentially sound such as ours would tear apart more than it would build.  Instead, we need to secure what we’ve already paid for into the best platform to move from strength to strength.

We are an astoundingly rich nation with household incomes that make average people here into the wealthy of the world.  This was not so true 50 years ago, but it is true today.  There is no reason for us to continue thinking of ourselves as human resources for the corporations, captive clients for the banks and little more than taxpayers for the government. 

Those large entities literally refer to us as consumers, workers, clients and voters to be managed.  And we were compliant with that subordination because the political hierarchy delivered, we came to dominate global civilization and we saw ever increasing prosperity as a people.  However, we really had little choice while this was going on.

We always told ourselves that someday when we finally had enough money we would be free of the companies, the bankers and special agents of the government.  Of course, those dominant entities resisted this notion and tried very hard to make us think we are still poor.  Dependent on their social entitlements and largesse. 

That is simply not true, and hasn’t been for some time. 

We’ve been able to take care of ourselves since at least 1991 when the Cold War ended.  But we have not yet demobilized from a warlike footing under the Commander in Chief, and we have not yet decentralized our practice of economic governance (capitalism) to define our lives on our own terms as the Founding Fathers intended. 

Instead, we have watched the sovereign state tighten its grip on us by making us progressively weaker, denying us our birthright as Americans and withholding our wealth.  Taxing our incomes away to redistribute and dribble it back to us on their terms instead of ours. 

We elect the politicians that the two major parties offer us as our only choices and then they literally own us and ruthlessly lord over us their power to grant or deny our Life, our Liberty and our Property.  In a direct sense, therefore, the political parties rule America and those parties were not defined or described by our Constitution.  Their existence is extra-constitutional and their power over us is extra-judicial.  The politicians themselves are large and small (kings, queens, bishops, knights, rooks and pawns) in this game and the non-human entities of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party push them around the game and dictate policy with a political agenda that serves their purposes rather than ours. 

Indeed, the National Chairmen of both these parties seem entirely inept and serve only as someone to blame when elections turn out poorly.  Similarly, the President of the United States takes the burden of failure out of office and into history…that the sovereign nation itself should not appear at fault for its arrogance and the stumbles of its over-reach.

Therefore, I’d like to offer solutions to three problems facing our nation:

1) We must return the American economy to a sustainable 4.5% rate of GDP expansion by adding 3% growth from the bottom up with entrepreneurs to the 1.5% we will recover from the top down with Supply Side corporations.

2) We should take back our responsibility for Health, Education, and Welfare.

3) We will elect our most qualified professional managers as Congressional Representatives to direct this government according to the Constitution.

From the post-war period beginning in 1950 to the post-Keynesian transition in 1970 the US economy delivered 4.5% sustained annual expansion as a feature of financial capitalism and driven by the rapid growth of our smaller business entities.  During those two decades local capitalists owned or had direct access to small banks that underwrote all that development.  That’s why they call this game financial capitalism.   

However, the “honest services” language in federal regulations four decades ago prompted many such banks to be sold to the bank holding companies that were deregulated and suddenly allowed to purchase small banks across state lines.  This crippled our bottom-up capitalism, we suffered 12 years of Stagflation from 1970 to 1982 and our dominant practice of capitalism became Reaganomic Supply Side, after Ronald Reagan crushed inflation rates and forcing a recession in 1982. 

Our economy did 3.1% during the 25 years of the Supply Side era from 1983 to 2008, but only 2.1% from 2001 to 2008 masked by historically low rates of unemployment.  When we recover our Supply Side economy, we will join the post-Keynesian Japanese who have been enduring a 1% GDP growth rate since 1992.  We will only get back to 1.5% and that will not be enough to keep us ahead of the Chinese economy or to underwrite our defense spending, debt service and our social entitlements into perpetuity.

Therefore, we need to restart our entrepreneurial practice of capitalism (under the umbrella of our military and economic hegemony) to deliver that incremental 3% we must have to get back to a 4.5% sustained GDP expansion.  For that we need tens-of-thousands of new small banks that do not exist today.  Credit Unions owned by existential partnerships of American households are the reasonable option considering that we are wealthy enough to combine our capital and to accomplish this today.

It is specious to argue that many Americans would not provide for our own health care goods and services (competitively priced), the best education possible for our own children (available and affordable), and the welfare of family members who are currently in government programs and housing projects. We do not need the government to intrude into our families with the fiction that we would not take care of our own responsibilities, according to our own morality, social ethics and reasonably within the context of our own various cultures.  We should decentralize our practice of government to the smallest possible self-governing social units and we must remobilize our society to confront the multitude of 21st century national security issues , including threats from within our borders. When the policies of our elected officials would immediately disrupt the order of our society or economy, then we must really question their intent.

The US Constitution assumed that our citizens would send into Washington their own, best-qualified Representatives and that the Congress would manage the day-to-day operation of the government.  We have allowed the major political parties to manipulate this process but the Constitution has not yet been changed to make the parties irresistible.  We can still elect our Congressional Representatives from among the residents of our States and without allowing the political parties to select our candidates or to force us to reelect our incumbents.  We simply need to reject the notion that these elections are contests in raising campaign funds rather than competitions regarding candidate qualifications and appealing ideas.

Here are a few central themes to the campaign:

1) Small Banks / Credit Unions immediately in the hands of the people.

2) Health, Education, Welfare and the means of production all returned to the people.

3) No funding beyond the $5,000 FEC reporting threshold for House of Representative Congressional District elections (every two years).