Congress 2010

Congressional approval ratings are at an ALL TIME low. They don’t read (or even write) the bills they pass, they seem to have a penchant for spending money we don’t have, and they most  definitely look down at their own constituents with brazen contempt.

It is now apparent that if America is to continue down a road to prosperity, we are going to have to pry some of the Nationalized industries from the clutches of the federal government.

We must take back civilian responsibility for Health, Education and Welfare by launching our own clinics, schools and social service agencies just as we enjoyed during the 1950’s and 1960’s when the Church (for its part) did a lot of this work for free. 

As a Nation, we are rich now and there is no reason for the government to further socialize health, education or welfare.  These entitlements are the suicide drivers leading to our budget collapse.  They are unnecessary, they are intrusive, and the Soviets already proved that Communism is not sustainable.

We must take back control of this government.  The House of Representatives is Constitutionally ours for the asking.  

As the Founding Fathers intended and as the Constitution defines, every member of the House of Representatives should be seriously challenged for his or her congressional seat every two years.

The political parties insist that they alone dictate who our candidates will be, but the parties simply ignore up to 90% of our Congressional Districts and let those races default to the incumbents because the opposition party candidates are only stand-ins not qualified to actually serve in Washington. 

The lie is that we need a great deal of money to be competitive in such contests.  But if 85%-90% of the 435 Congressional Districts are not in play (every two years) then the parties are leaving them alone to maintain two-party parity and because they would not have the money to support each and every district. 

We can stand for office in those Districts and refuse to be judged on the basis of spending.