Re-Privitization, Lowering Costs

The Democratic health care reform law does not address the underlying cost of medical goods and services.

The pharmaceutical industry and the hospital holding companies have been charging increasingly high “what the market will bear” prices for decades.

The misbehavior of the heavily-regulated health-insurance industry masks the reality that the medical-goods producers and health care service providers are protected by the government. They are not operating in a competitive business environment, in spite of the fact that their industry is mature and their prices should approach their economy-of-scale driven lower costs.

Our politicians have no good ideas about how to manage health care costs.  The hyper-partisan Health Care Reform Law promises to make affordable  health insurance available to every American by 2014, all the while neglecting to address the ever-increasing, underlying price of medical goods and health care services.  The entire discussion is about supporting a bill that perpetuates the problem or trying to repeal this law without the votes to even pick it apart.

We cannot continue down this course without encountering a cost barrier that cannot be overcome.  Health Care costs are already too large an element of our GDP, and paying that bill is rapidly defaulting into the hands of the government. 

The Democrats have every intention and an open opportunity to simply socialize health care as an entitlement just as they have already done with education and welfare. 

We absolutely can’t keep doing this.  Something has to change.

  • We should foster the integration of health care back into the private sector so that the people themselves pay for and benefit by the astounding scientific advancements we have achieved up to now in an industry that needs to downsize its technology back into the smallest sustainable clinical entities…owned, staffed and operated by the communities themselves. Otherwise, we will be controlled by the non-human entities of corporations, financial institutions and agencies of the government with the power of life and death over us but without the moral ethics to do the right thing.