Forest Baker on Voters’ Trust of Congress

Incumbent members of Congress don’t exactly get a vote of confidence from their constituents according to Scott Rasmussen Reports: Just 27% of voters think their representative in Congress is the best possible person for the job, down six points from November of last year. Only 37% believe their local congressional rep…resentative deserves reelection, compared to 42% who felt that way way last fall. Sixty percent (60%) of voters say most members of Congress don’t care what their constituents think. Most voters continue to believe it would be better for the country if the majority of Congress is thrown out this November.
This is definitely true in CA-13 where a much more qualified and dignified candidate Forest Baker stands to unseat the out-of-touch incumbent Fortney ‘Pete’ Stark.

That 27% is the hard-core on the left or on the right that always votes straight line Democrat or Republican. Of course, they’re happy. But the mainstream voters from the incumbent’s own party, the moderate swing-voters who decide a fair …election (when there is a qualified opposition party candidate) and everyone registered in the other camp are unhappy because they are mostly stuck with the incompetent devil they know. This situation does not give us much democracy here in America, we end up with a weak Congress that does not read or write our laws and the two parties happily share control the US government…according to their agenda and at our expense.”
-Forest Baker, 8/26/10

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Forest Baker on the current political leadership

“Congressman Stark is a Marxist. The last of the 1960’s far left radicals. He makes John Kerry look good. Pete Stark takes the problems we’re having very seriousl …  He’s been hoping for this moment, while he’s still in office and on his watch. Insofar as this economy falls into stasis and we Republicans don’t have a plan to transition our practice of capitalism into something decentralized, more libertarian and something that actually works better (like we did in 1980 with Reaganomics), then the Democrats think we default deeper into socialism, with more government control of essential services (like health, education and welfare) and higher taxes to underwrite such entitlements … but only if capitalism has failed, that is. Pete Stark and Barack Obama sincerely believe in their socialist ideologies because they clearly don’t understand the mechanisms of financial capitalism. Their errors are sophomoric. New-kid-just-out-of-school mistakes. (Bless their frustrated, confused, innocent hearts.)”
-Forest Baker, 8/3/10
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Forest Baker: On having a “Spartan” campaign website

“My campaign website looks like a resume on purpose. I’m applying for this job (to represent YOU).
On the Facebook page you all get to interview me: Ask me what I think and what I want to do in Washington. We’ll talk about it. I see no reason to preach at you. And this is not a lesson where you’re supposed to read some abstract philosophy of government or cultural platitudes argued from this extreme or that.
We have priests and lawyers for that.
And a President of the United States who does nothing but give campaign speeches just as if that was what we hired him to do two years ago (whether you voted for Obama or not).
We need to get down to business, with a plan to fix this thing and some people in Congress who know how to execute tasks.
My Tea Party endorsed opponent in the Primary imagined he had me beaten because my campaign web site seems plain. (The site has Spartan look and feel for a reason).  And then we went out and quietly got the votes. 
The time for pretty campaign websites and lofty speeches is over. That’s my point: I don’t need any more money than I have already to apply for this job that I am completely qualified to do.
I am not interested in being packaged or marketed. I am not a Hollywood actor and this is not a television movie.
I’m a grizzled old capitalist and I understand what’s wrong with this economy.”
Forest Baker 8/04/10
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Forest Baker on the Media and Bay Area Politics …

“Fox News is aware of me, of course. It is a little complicated for them because this Congressional District is not supposed to be in play. They know how to be rough on an incumbent and they can patronize a protest candidate with no chance to win. But someone actually qualified to be a Congressman, nominated by the opposition party (but not really supported by the party hierarchy) inside a “safe” District…that’s trickier and it doesn’t happen enough that they have a page in the playbook for this. I won’t pander to the single-issue PACs to carry someone’s banner (held high recklessly) into the breach. It’s a problem for the party that I am so very conservative but it looks like I could win anyway in a District with only 16.7% registered Republicans. How can it be that 83% of our constituents are not registered as Republicans yet they are conservative enough to see me as their Congressman? The Tea Party Independent trying to get on the ballot and the Republican candidate I beat in the Primary who is supporting that Independent now…they are both Pro-Choice liberals with documented connections to the Henry George (Socialist) School in San Francisco. The Bay Area is funny sometimes. It’s complicated out here.
-Forest Baker, 8/4/2010
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Forest Baker > Fortney Pete Stark

Reckless. Out of control. Unnecessary. Unhelpful. These words have all been recently used to accurately describe the runaway spending of our federal government. Today however, these collective words have a dual meaning: They represent the statements and actions of the East Bay’s 38-year incumbent candidate Fortney “Pete” Stark.

Sneering at and showing open contempt for concerned citizens asking about secure borders is just wrong.
Elected officials who are incapable of serious or empathetic governance have no place in American politics.
No matter what your feelings or emotive opinions are on the situation, it is unfathomable to think that anyone would want to support the repression of free and honest speech.

He’s acted this way for literally decades and some of his constituents actually enjoy his combative, vulgar attitude.

As we head into November, and Stark approaches his 79th birthday, all constituents in the East Bay – REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, INDEPENDENT & Otherwise – must make a serious realization that our current “representative” does not accurately or sufficiently represent us.

It’s not about left vs. right – it’s about Right vs. Wrong.

Politics as usual have changed in our digitally-connected 21st Century, giving the voters an unparalleled ability to make their voices heard and their votes felt. When our seemingly-detached incumbent candidate is unable to address simple concerns, then we must nominate candidates who are absolutely qualified to do a better job in Congress and elect them to office as more accurate representatives.

As the Founding Fathers intended and as the Constitution defines, every member of the House of Representatives should be seriously challenged for his or her congressional seat every two years.

Unfortunately, making a career out of progressive politicking and living in permanent campaign mode has become the norm.

The November 2010 mid-term election is just as important as any election ever, and voters of Alameda, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Hayward, Dublin, Pleasanton, Union City, Sunol, Newark, and Fremont finally have a viable opposition candidate who can go to Washington and serve in Congress from day one.

Forest Baker’s lifetime of work as a global capitalist trumps Stark’s lifetime of work as a career politician.

In 2010, and looking beyond, it is apparent that Forest is stronger and absolutely more qualified than Fortney to serve as our representative in Washington.

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Bay Area! Vote Forest Baker 4 Congress

Empowering Americans 

Health, Education and Welfare should be re-privatized into the hands of civilian entities rather than to be further integrated into the government as public, social entitlements. 

The practice of government should be decentralized into the smallest possible, local units of American society rather than to be further consolidated into the hands of Washington bureaucrats. 

The practice of banking should be downsized into the smallest possible, private entities serving local communities of households operating in a common economic arena. 

The practice of capitalism should be enabled from the bottom up in such a manner that profitable business opportunities that have been outsourced to foreign economies are recaptured by domestic entities so that the wealth and jobs created are recovered over here to increase the American GDP. Our goal should be a return to the 4.5% average annual growth rates we enjoyed prior to 1970. 

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